Thrift Store Finds for my Studio Space

What is this random pile of goods pictured you ask? It’s today’s thrift store bounty I amassed for under $50. My garage/studio space is the last frontier in our house as far as decorating goes. All the other rooms while I’m not sure will ever be “finished”, still feel cozy and liveable. I made myself a goal for the year of finishing my studio space so it felt more like an actual room versus a garage. And as per usual, my budget is minimal.

I plan on reupholstering the chairs but keeping the wood a dark finish (or maybe I will paint them white). The 3 brass lamps will go nicely on the long wooden desk we’ve built alongside the back wall. I have linen shades will fit these lamps perfectly.  Although, I love the dark shade and gold gilded reflecting interior on the swing arm lamp, so will try to keep that. I’d like to hang the silver trays on the wall, clustered together. And you can’t tell from this picture but the 3 white frames have a graphic gold stripe around them. I’ll take out the existing mat board and replace instead with one image in each frame.

I’ve been waffling about the colors in this area but finally had a bolt of inspiration. I’ll be posting my inspiration pictures next. Fun!

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  1. admin says

    Everything but the chairs came from Dorcas (an awesome name for sure!), and the chairs came from the State Surplus Store – one chair was $1, another $3, and the last $5. :)

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