Raleigh Tornado Fundraiser, Ends May 20th

The Raleigh Tornado Fundraiser has been going amazingly well. We have an amazing community.  The fundraiser was featured on My Carolina Today and we’ve have raised over $6000. There are still some amazing items on the site that have been donated and the sale is good through May 20th. Please shop & support now if you haven’t already. All proceeds benefit the damaged Boys & Girls Clubs in Raleigh.
Items shown:

1. Hand Stitched Oil Tanned Leather Pouch with Waxed Linen Thread, by NC Designer Krissy Anderson, mill and bird, 2. Recycled Wood & Abalone Ring made from scraps from a guitar shop, by NC luthier (guitar maker) Sanders Trippes, 3. Organic Vegetable Garden Seeds, by NC Designer milksun, 4. Bottle Opener Belt Buckle, made from recycled refrigerator parts, by NC Designer & Blacksmith, Celia Gray

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