This Weekend & Honey vs. Sugar

  • Ranunculus brought home from the store by my husband
  • Homemade pizza with local goat cheese and herbs from the garden
  • Kitchen dance parties
  • Clearing my in-box to “0” – huzzah!
  • Finished books: Alice Waters & Chez Pannise and The Glass Castle
  • My first attempt at *replacing sugar with honey (so much better for you) in banana bread

* The trick to replacing sugar with honey is reducing the liquid in the recipe by about 1/4, lowering the cooking temperature 15-25° and using about 2/3 less honey than sugar. I modified a family banana bread recipe and it worked perfectly. It was definitely a little less “sugary” tasting though and next time I’ll try to add raisins to it to replace the slightly missing sweet flavor. All in all, I was very pleased and will by trying this again with all our sweet recipes.

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