Photoshoot for DIY Magazine

I’m thrilled (and a little embarrassed) to say that I’ll be featured in an upcoming issue (summer maybe?) of DIY Magazine published by Meredith Publications. As someone who has literally pored over issues of shelter magazines (I was even a charter subscriber to Domino, RIP) since I was a teen, it is surreal to be approached for a feature in a home mag. Honestly, our house is equal parts thrifted, budget and hand-me-down which doesn’t always equate to cute. I think we have one “real” piece of furniture that we’ve bought in the whole house.

And while, yes, I do love interior decorating, I don’t believe in designer pieces that aren’t meaningful, and spending a lot of money on a well-decorated home. I also think it takes years, heck, even a lifetime before a house is ever really “finished”. I’m leery of trends that come and go and having instantly decorated spaces, that within a few years are completely overhauled – that seems like a waste of money and resources.

The shoot though was awesome and I made such great friends. Brie Williams, the photographer has a beautiful portfolio and took some really pretty shots. The stylist did a great job and I even found out that the photo assistant is moving a block away! I hope to work with all of them again in the future, styling or assisting, in someone else’s home.

And all this has me thinking, that I do have a lot of “DIY” projects I’ve done around the house, and that I never share that side here on the blog. Perhaps I will feature those more on the blog in the future. Until the magazine comes out, you can see some of the more recent shots I took of our house (before it was wrecked again by a toddler) here.

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