Alice Waters & Balance

I’ve long felt a kinship towards Alice Waters of Chez Panisse fame and admired her role as a pioneer in championing the ways of food, gardening and nutrition with her restaurant and Edible Schoolyard project. I share these values towards food and farm and also have the passion towards creating a lifestyle that incorporates those things daily and profoundly. My mother was a gardener, my grandmother and her mother before her. I’ve tended my own herb garden since I was a little girl and I am passing on this love to my daughter. It warms my heart that my little girl can walk outside and identify strawberries not yet in fruit, chives and zucchini.

(image of Alice via the Chez Panisse website)

After reading the book Alice Waters and Chez Panisse, I feel even more of a kinship towards her but differently than I expected. She is described as a tiny person in the middle of a self-perpetuated storm of passion, a shy public speaker and yet very vocal. A person who has made mistakes but follows her dreams ruthlessly. A fierce supporter of those she loves and believes in.

And finally, someone who can get caught up in their own creations to a fault, as someone described her in the book “Alice had started to lose touch with something basic within herself. She had fallen into the situation that characterizes a great many people of high accomplishment – so busy, so completely absorbed in their work, so resistant to any image of themselves except that of supreme accomplisher, that they unconsciously sacrifice self awareness, self-doubt, and the vivifying power of tranquil reflection.”

This moves me immensely as I run my own business(es), and am a stay at home Mom, and am a wife at the same time following my dreams, but always, always, striving towards that ever illusive thing called balance. The above is a great reminder that I never want to lose sight of that.

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