New Product in the Shop, Goal Tracker

I am so excited to announce this new product in my shop: A petite and chic goal tracker calendar!  I have been working on this design over the past few months and using a variation of this for the past few years. It REALLY helps you to stay on target with your goals.

Though I have to admit the chart I had devised and was using prior bordered on the unattainable, as I had about 30 spaces to write things in. My friends, ahem Oami, Kelly, Liz and Tanya, had to convince me to pare it down to about 5. This is probably a good life lesson for me too.

Anyway, it is super cute, is printed on heavy-weight card stock and is spiral bound at the top, with a hole drilled at the bottom to hang. It measures approx. 8″w x 4″h. More pictures to come later. I’m taking pre-orders, so get one now, while they are hot! They will be shipping out late February. I promise they will make it easier to stick with your goals – you know what they say, out of sight, out of mind.

What do you think of it?

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