This Week’s Menu

A few recipes from this week’s meat-heavy menu:

I rely on the same online recipe sites because you can search by ingredients and then by rating. I also like that Cooking Light offers healthful recipes that still taste good. At the beginning of the week I survey my refrigerator, look at the weekly specials online at my grocery store(s) and type in those ingredients in combination’s that I think will make good meals. This week pears, blueberries & chicken were on sale and we had among other things cilantro, watermelon, ginger, and yogurt in our fridge to use up from the week before. It’s a system that consistently works for us without letting a lot go to waste. It also saves us money on our grocery bill because we don’t have to buy that many things for each meal and the stuff we do buy is usually on sale.

How do you cook and shop?

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