My love affair with the visual aesthetics of magazines has been a long one.  I’ve been collecting scraps of inspiration from their pages and assembling them into books for as long as I can remember.

Each book I create has different sections such as “products & packaging”, “home decor”, etc., but the one section that moves me above all else are the bits of color, texture and pattern like those below:


Product & Packaging inspiration:


I’ve been seeing a lot of reference to journals like these around the internet lately. Very interesting that certain types of creatives are drawn to this form of expression and documenting.

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  1. says

    First off, I just discovered your blog through Desire to Inspire, and it’s absolutely lovely!

    I have a few of these journals as well, for crafting and home decor, but I love your idea of colors and patterns and other bits of pure inspiration. One question — do you get your images from the “usual suspects” of fashion and decor magazines, or do you have any special sources that you recommend? Some of your images are so pretty; wasn’t sure whether it’s a product of careful selection, or I’m missing out on the best mags…. Thanks!

  2. admin says

    Thanks! I confess that I have a bit of a magazine obsession so they really could come from any number of places but most likely just your typical fashion & home decor mags (Domino, Blueprint, Martha Stewart, Lucky, Cottage Living, Traditional Home, etc. etc. etc.)

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