Christopher Silas Neal

readymade_wpaThe minute I saw Christopher Silas Neal‘s modern interpretation of a WPA-style poster it was love at first sight. Organized by ReadyMade magazine, the posters are a fitting call to action in our current war-time climate. Not only is Christopher’s print gorgeous to look at, the sentiment’s not bad either.


Instead of dwelling on the larger negative things that are out of my control, I choose to focus on making small changes at the local level: supporting my local organic farmers, being a good neighbor and so on. Also, this print is timely for me because we delayed a bit on renewing our CSA membership this year and now we might miss out on receiving our lovely, organic veggies every week. Bummer.

The “Eat Local” poster at the top of the post (as well as the others in the series) can be printed as a free download at ReadyMade’s site. Prints of Christopher’s  other illustration work can be purchased at Thumbtack Press.


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