Capiz Shell Pendant Lamp

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pendant lamp to go over our dining room table for about a year or so. I’ve always loved the look of capiz shell and have been drooling over the recent offerings available in Viva Terra, Target, etc. but they have been way out of my price range, or rather, I can’t justify spending that much money for a frou froo lamp. I’m a big believer that good taste doesn’t have to break the bank. Finally, after forgetting about it for awhile I came across  a smaller version of this lamp on sale at West Elm for about $50. Score! It’s lovely, but it took about an hour to unwrap each string of fragile shells. Guess I won’t be moving it anytime soon.

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  1. says

    Hi Michelle,

    What a crazy journey it was finding you. I happen to be living in Goldsboro (and have for 2 years). I was googling “fabric flower brooches” tonight since I want to give them a whirl and add them to my boutique…and I was pointed to the IndieNC blog. I had no idea this all existed! I’m so impress and happy to find it. Full of gorgeous finds (including yours)!

    Please visit me at where I sell tutus & hair accessories and at where I promote boutiques, fashion, etc!

    I’ve saved the IndieNC blog to my favs and will have to check in when time allows. :)

  2. says

    SCORE!! I love finds like that, I bet you think it is even prettier since you got such a good deal! HA the power of a deal (and a super cute little spot for it :)

  3. admin says

    Hi, Michelle! I am pleased with the lamp, even more pleased that we finally got around to putting it up :)

    I just checked out your work and the colors in your pieces are beautiful.

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