I envisioned this year’s New Year’s celebration to be low-key: Bojangles sweet tea in champagne flutes, toasted during a midnight feeding. Our evening turned out to be even less glamorous than that. It’s been a challenging month filled with rollercoaster ups-and-downs: the birth of our beautiful baby girl, Audrey, Christmas visits with lots of family, recovering from unexpected surgery, exhaustion (see beautiful baby girl), a windfall for my business. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when functioning on a few hours of sleep a day, but I can see how blessed I am. It’s been a great year punctuated with a two-week road trip through the Southwest, loving & supportive family & friends, a thriving business, the health and happiness of our newly expanded family and on and on.   This New Year I hope to continue on the path of realizing my goals including writing in this blog – here’s to trying!

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